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Friday, February 26, 2010

The Squatter

Hello Due Date.
You have come and gone and still no baby.
Why is it that men are always late?
Being the only female in this house I know this is a fact; at least with my boys.
I am always ready first (even though it takes me TWICE as long to get ready).
Why would this little boy be any different?
Have you ever tried to explain a "Due Date" to 400 elementary kids?
Trust me, they don't understand.
Jay and I had an over/under with how many comments I would get yesterday.
It was 27.
He took the under, I took the over.
I won.
On top of the waiting, I haven't been able to sleep.
I am sick.
My head cold has been around for 3 long weeks and only getting worse.
My doctor told me to try Claritin. Really?
I'm not spending $15 so my itchy, watery eyes and my sneezing goes away.
I was thinking I would take care of the gallons of mucous living in my head, nose and chest and the infection in my ear first.
Silly me!
Sudafed is the only thing I can take right now and it seems to be sending my cold from my head to my chest, back to my head then back to my chest again.
I am hoping once this baby comes they can give me some real medicine and I can recover in a few short days from this month long sickness.
So Baby Boy, please don't wait until Tuesday.
I know your mother is the world's best snuggler so maybe it's my fault you don't want to leave the sweet, little comfy home you have made for yourself in there.
But if you don't come soon we will force you out.
And it might not be pretty.
So, come now, come today!
We are all ready to finally meet you and show you off to the world

and Mommy is ready for a drink!


Number Four said...

Haha! I like your added not at the bottom.

Number Four said...

YAY! I heard the good news. I don't have your email, so I will comment here! haha. Congrats. I love the name Lincoln!