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Saturday, February 6, 2010


Wow- this month is about to get away from us! Not only is it the shortest month but it is jam packed full of events.

We started off this weekend with a semi- surprise birthday party for me planned by my hubby. Since I am turning 30 this year and my due date is 4 days away from my actual birthday he planned a dinner a few weeks in advance. I knew we were going to dinner and when, but I didn't know the where or the who part of the evening. As it turns out we went to Buca Di Bepo with about 20 of our closest friends and had a blast! Good food, good company and a giant cupcake to top the evening off. It was a great night.

Next weekend is Valentine's Day and Jay and I have a tradition of spending it at Pizza Shoppe. Super romantic- I know. We started this tradition on accident but now I actually love it because it is so us. No fancy-shmancy place to spend lots of money and time waiting for a table. Just the three of us hanging out, eating pizza and drinking beer (although I will obviously skip this part this year!).

After Valentine's Day the birthday marathon begins! In just two weeks we have my nephew Cole's birthday (18th), then my birthday (21st), then my niece Abby's birthday (24th), then my sister Libby's birthday (27th). And of course this year we are adding another birthday inside this two week window. The date is TBD.

Nothing new to update on Baby Boy. His heart rate is good, my measurements are good. Lots of movement. STILL no name and maybe even farther from finding one than we were a few weeks ago. I have had a few people ask if we are wanting to save the name as a surprise and the truth is NO! We would love to have a name to call Baby Boy but we just haven't decided on one yet. I will keep you posted on this though.

I will keep everyone updated on the birth of our baby boy and our family. Keep us in your thoughts and prayers for now!


Dave said...

This makes me smile. **High Five!**

Tiffany said...

I love your V-Day tradion...because I love Pizza Shoppe. That is one of the restaurants that I miss most from KC!
We never figured out our childrens names before they were born either. I think that it just kind of comes to you when you see them...or maybe it's just that you don't have any more time to deliberate, so you just pick :) Good luck with name and baby!