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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Finding the Balance


It is something everyone struggles with.
I've heard it from working moms.
Stay at home moms.
Moms who don't even have kids :)
It's really, really hard.

I've recently taken on a lot of extra duties at work and have struggled more than ever to create a healthy balance of work and family. For the last three weeks I have put in at least two days a week where I worked 12 hours straight.

Even with all the extra hours, I am still behind at work and even more so at home. My house is a mess! And to top it off, I woke up this morning to fleas! Not on me of course but on my cat who sleeps with us. Before I could get to any of the usual Saturday morning chores, I had to brush him, strip the bed, toss out pillows, spray the bed with lysol (not even sure if that was necessary but I am being overly cautious.), give him a dose of tick and flea repellent, and start a load of laundry. All before 8 am- boo!

There just never seems to be enough time to complete a full task. I feel like I take two steps back for every one step forward. I have a running list of to-do's that never seems to get smaller. I usually start crossing things off that I know I'll have to revisit later. This of course is followed by a smug smile because I am so proud of myself for cheating the system. Never mind the fact I will just have to do it later.

Between work and home I just don't feel like I am quite whole in anything I do. I know I'm not the only one who struggles so my question is this:

How do you find a healthy balance in your life?

What do you do to make sure you aren't just being a mom/wife, you are being a good mom/wife?

How do you find the time to clean your house and not live like a total slob?

Because I feel like I haven't had the happiest posts lately, here is something sweet to end with.

My favorite quote is "Happiness is a choice, make it". I'm not sure who originally said it but this is definitely something to live by.

I make a choice every day to be happy and here is some PROOF!