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Sunday, August 15, 2010


Wednesday was such a great day.

Work officially started again. I have been "working" for the last week getting my room together and reorganizing but today everyone was back in good spirits. The whole day was full of meetings but our afternoon meeting got out early so I got to come home and veg awhile before I went to get the boys. A quiet house all to myself?! That NEVER happens! I decided to use my time- wait for it- doing NOTHING! I laid on the couch and looked through google reader, talked on the phone and took a short nap. It was nice.

While I was getting the boys, a thunderstorm rolled in. We decided to get into our pj's and snuggle up on the couch with tons of blankets and pillows and watch Wall-E. We had recorded it on our DVR and not watched it yet. At first I didn't know what to think of it but I ended up liking it. There were several parts that made Caiden and I giggle super hard. When Jay got home, he quickly got into his pj's too and joined us.

So to sum it up--
me time
snuggling with all my boys on the couch
thunderstorm outside- (I love storms)
watching a movie

Life is good!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Things I Love

Since my last post was kind of a downer here are some things that make me happy!

I just discovered her today on Pandora. I LOVE her song "Lovely".

And just so you know I haven't lost my edge- I am in love with these guys too!

"Phobia" is probably my favorite album of theirs but I listen to them all on repeat.
Her artwork inspires me to paint as well as create new projects for my kids. The best part, she is local!

Jay just showed me some of these clips online last night. They are so hysterical! The LOST ones were my favorite.

No calories + caffeine= happiness

This is our new favorite show. I can't wait until they start playing new episodes in the fall but I still enjoy watching the reruns.

There you have it! All my favs as of today!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I can't sleep

I laid in bed for an hour before I finally gave up and got out of bed. I have so many thoughts pouring through my head that I can't seem to fall asleep. It seems like I have heard so many sad stories of families losing their fathers/husbands and parents losing their children.

Stories like this consume me. I can't help it. I cry buckets for these people, some who I don't even know. A million thoughts go through my mind, like, what does it feel like to know that the person you have always shared a bed with is never going to lay next to you in it again? How do you get used to the fact that you will never see this person again, never feel the touch of their skin, never give them a kiss.

My heart can't take these kinds of thoughts yet my head can't seem to get enough of them. I don't know what it is about losing someone that makes me like this. Maybe it is inexperience. I have been fortunate enough to have lost only a few people in my 30 years of life. I know this makes me very spoiled.

Maybe it's that I know how much I love my life and how something so random and unexpected could happen and change everything at any minute. I could wake up tomorrow and get some kind of horrible news that could change my life forever. How would I deal with that? What would I do? We are such a strong family with a very tight bond. Could something in this world happen to shake up this good thing that we have going? I could drive myself crazy thinking of all the things that could happen to one of my boys or Jay.

And that is where my mind is tonight. Keeping me awake, thinking about things I have no control over. Why oh why do I worry about things like this? Is it just me or is this parenthood? Does anyone else obsess over this kind of thing?