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Friday, February 26, 2010

The Squatter

Hello Due Date.
You have come and gone and still no baby.
Why is it that men are always late?
Being the only female in this house I know this is a fact; at least with my boys.
I am always ready first (even though it takes me TWICE as long to get ready).
Why would this little boy be any different?
Have you ever tried to explain a "Due Date" to 400 elementary kids?
Trust me, they don't understand.
Jay and I had an over/under with how many comments I would get yesterday.
It was 27.
He took the under, I took the over.
I won.
On top of the waiting, I haven't been able to sleep.
I am sick.
My head cold has been around for 3 long weeks and only getting worse.
My doctor told me to try Claritin. Really?
I'm not spending $15 so my itchy, watery eyes and my sneezing goes away.
I was thinking I would take care of the gallons of mucous living in my head, nose and chest and the infection in my ear first.
Silly me!
Sudafed is the only thing I can take right now and it seems to be sending my cold from my head to my chest, back to my head then back to my chest again.
I am hoping once this baby comes they can give me some real medicine and I can recover in a few short days from this month long sickness.
So Baby Boy, please don't wait until Tuesday.
I know your mother is the world's best snuggler so maybe it's my fault you don't want to leave the sweet, little comfy home you have made for yourself in there.
But if you don't come soon we will force you out.
And it might not be pretty.
So, come now, come today!
We are all ready to finally meet you and show you off to the world

and Mommy is ready for a drink!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Playing the waiting game

So it is Sunday morning and still no baby. I know my due date isn't until Thursday but I am ready. Jay and I went out to dinner last night for my birthday which is today (the big 3-0). We wanted to try out Mongolian Grill but there was a long wait so we decided to go across the street to Outback Steakhouse. Good choice. The food was wonderful and fast. My mother swears that she ate a baked potato before she went into labor with each one of us. I had one with my dinner last night but still no signs of labor 12 hours later. With Caiden I forgot to eat dinner the night before so I'm not sure what my good luck charm was with him.

We installed the car seat yesterday and it is so weird to see two of them in my car! Caiden likes it of right now. I think the idea of having someone to ride in the back with him is exciting. I just don't know that he realizes his brother will be too small to actually play with him for awhile.
Speaking of Caiden, here is a picture of him from two Sunday's ago. Too cute huh? He looks so grown up with his hair fixed and his Pink Floyd shirt. I think he can tell the baby is coming soon because his behavior is getting kind of weird. He has good days and bad days and he has been a little clingy lately. I have been trying to do some special things with him and spend a little more quality time playing. He's a good kid, I'm sure he will take things in stride and bounce back after his little brother dethrones him!

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Wow, less than two weeks away and we FINALLY came up with a name. Since it has taken us this long to come up with one we have decided to keep it a secret! All my kids at school ask me every day when my baby is going to get here and what his name is going to be. I actually had a second grader look at me last week and ask in the most innocent and shocked voice if I was having a baby? That made me laugh so hard! Was she just now noticing my giant belly? It is hard to miss! I also think it is funny how my kids really want to help me name him. A few options that have been suggested are: George Lopez, Treyjahn, Christopher, Brian, Amauryon, Alex, Jason, Braiden, Aiden, Peyton (knowing my son's name is Caiden) and many more. Actually, Christopher and Jason were as close as they could get when combining my name with Jay's name. Most of the really interesting names I can't remember and I wouldn't know how to spell anyway! I should have written them down because they were pretty good ;0) If you ask my son, he still says Twist. Nice huh? First Kiki, now Twist. He doesn't even watch Disney's the Fresh Beat Band but that is where he got both of those names.

Here are my 38 week pictures. The top is now, the bottom one is with Caiden. In my last picture comparison (at 30 weeks) they were so different but now they look pretty much the same. I have had contractions every day for the last week so I am anxious to see what the doctor says tomorrow at my appointment. It will be the first time she checks me so I am hoping to be at a 2! I know that isn't very likely but that is what I am hoping for. I'm still not sure if I will elect to be induced but tomorrow I will know more about my progress so that should help me with my decision. I was against it at first but now I am wondering if it would be easier for me, for the baby, for Caiden.

Anyway- life is good! We are just sitting around waiting!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Warning- Negative Post Ahead!

I try not to have too many negative posts but sometimes I have to get things out of my system and this is my place to do it.

I woke up this morning with my eye matted shut and green puss coming out of the corner. After looking up symptoms on the Internet I figured out I have pink eye. What's so bad about pink eye? Let me tell you:

I have to get a definite diagnosis in case I need a prescription because I am pregnant and you can't give pregnant women antibiotics.

It is Saturday- I can't go to my regular doctor's office. I have to go to the ER or Urgent Care with everyone else in town and wait forever.

I don't want to pay to go to the ER or Urgent Care. I just want them to call a prescription in for me!

My husband is puking in the bathroom as we speak because he had WAY too much to drink last night...he's really pumped about me turning 30 I guess.

He spent way too much money at the bar last night on shots and wine that is now in our toilet and now we get to pay even more on co-pays to the ER.

I have to drive across town (one eyed) to pick up my 3 year old so I can take him to the ER with me.

I get to sit with my 3 year old in a waiting room with sick people everywhere because my husband can't watch him....he's busy puking.

Who will get sick next from all the sick people we are about to go hang out with, me or him?

Ugg Saturday! I want you to be over already!


Wow- this month is about to get away from us! Not only is it the shortest month but it is jam packed full of events.

We started off this weekend with a semi- surprise birthday party for me planned by my hubby. Since I am turning 30 this year and my due date is 4 days away from my actual birthday he planned a dinner a few weeks in advance. I knew we were going to dinner and when, but I didn't know the where or the who part of the evening. As it turns out we went to Buca Di Bepo with about 20 of our closest friends and had a blast! Good food, good company and a giant cupcake to top the evening off. It was a great night.

Next weekend is Valentine's Day and Jay and I have a tradition of spending it at Pizza Shoppe. Super romantic- I know. We started this tradition on accident but now I actually love it because it is so us. No fancy-shmancy place to spend lots of money and time waiting for a table. Just the three of us hanging out, eating pizza and drinking beer (although I will obviously skip this part this year!).

After Valentine's Day the birthday marathon begins! In just two weeks we have my nephew Cole's birthday (18th), then my birthday (21st), then my niece Abby's birthday (24th), then my sister Libby's birthday (27th). And of course this year we are adding another birthday inside this two week window. The date is TBD.

Nothing new to update on Baby Boy. His heart rate is good, my measurements are good. Lots of movement. STILL no name and maybe even farther from finding one than we were a few weeks ago. I have had a few people ask if we are wanting to save the name as a surprise and the truth is NO! We would love to have a name to call Baby Boy but we just haven't decided on one yet. I will keep you posted on this though.

I will keep everyone updated on the birth of our baby boy and our family. Keep us in your thoughts and prayers for now!