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Sunday, February 14, 2010


Wow, less than two weeks away and we FINALLY came up with a name. Since it has taken us this long to come up with one we have decided to keep it a secret! All my kids at school ask me every day when my baby is going to get here and what his name is going to be. I actually had a second grader look at me last week and ask in the most innocent and shocked voice if I was having a baby? That made me laugh so hard! Was she just now noticing my giant belly? It is hard to miss! I also think it is funny how my kids really want to help me name him. A few options that have been suggested are: George Lopez, Treyjahn, Christopher, Brian, Amauryon, Alex, Jason, Braiden, Aiden, Peyton (knowing my son's name is Caiden) and many more. Actually, Christopher and Jason were as close as they could get when combining my name with Jay's name. Most of the really interesting names I can't remember and I wouldn't know how to spell anyway! I should have written them down because they were pretty good ;0) If you ask my son, he still says Twist. Nice huh? First Kiki, now Twist. He doesn't even watch Disney's the Fresh Beat Band but that is where he got both of those names.

Here are my 38 week pictures. The top is now, the bottom one is with Caiden. In my last picture comparison (at 30 weeks) they were so different but now they look pretty much the same. I have had contractions every day for the last week so I am anxious to see what the doctor says tomorrow at my appointment. It will be the first time she checks me so I am hoping to be at a 2! I know that isn't very likely but that is what I am hoping for. I'm still not sure if I will elect to be induced but tomorrow I will know more about my progress so that should help me with my decision. I was against it at first but now I am wondering if it would be easier for me, for the baby, for Caiden.

Anyway- life is good! We are just sitting around waiting!

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