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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Playing the waiting game

So it is Sunday morning and still no baby. I know my due date isn't until Thursday but I am ready. Jay and I went out to dinner last night for my birthday which is today (the big 3-0). We wanted to try out Mongolian Grill but there was a long wait so we decided to go across the street to Outback Steakhouse. Good choice. The food was wonderful and fast. My mother swears that she ate a baked potato before she went into labor with each one of us. I had one with my dinner last night but still no signs of labor 12 hours later. With Caiden I forgot to eat dinner the night before so I'm not sure what my good luck charm was with him.

We installed the car seat yesterday and it is so weird to see two of them in my car! Caiden likes it of right now. I think the idea of having someone to ride in the back with him is exciting. I just don't know that he realizes his brother will be too small to actually play with him for awhile.
Speaking of Caiden, here is a picture of him from two Sunday's ago. Too cute huh? He looks so grown up with his hair fixed and his Pink Floyd shirt. I think he can tell the baby is coming soon because his behavior is getting kind of weird. He has good days and bad days and he has been a little clingy lately. I have been trying to do some special things with him and spend a little more quality time playing. He's a good kid, I'm sure he will take things in stride and bounce back after his little brother dethrones him!

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Number Four said...

Reading your post, makes me hungry! Caiden is quite the looker, and will be such an awesome big brother! Been thinking of you, hoping to see a baby post any day! Good luck, sorry the baked potato didn't work. Just to see if you need two, you should probably have another dinner date with your husband! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAMA!