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Sunday, January 24, 2010

A little randomness today

Because my thoughts are so random these days, here is a little peek into my brain.

1. My son LOVES watching his "new" Fraggle Rock DVD from Christmas.
2. I love looking online at vectors even though I wouldn't have the first clue what I would do with any of them.
3. I bought my first two Etsy purchases ever this month.
4. It's probably not smart for me to have an Etsy account.
5. I can't get enough sweets these days....and I don't share them well.
6. For the first time in my life I love my job.
7. I am turning 30 in less than a month.
8. I dreamed about playing Super Mario Brothers Wii last night (thanks Haas'!)
9. I want a Wii
10. I have never owned a gaming system of any kind.
11. I love my sugar cookie candle I have burning right now.
12. I could watch my son play puzzles for hours. He is so good at them!
13. I want to go on so many trips this year but probably won't go on any.
14. I am ready to have this baby.
15. I am not ready to have this baby.
16. My husband and I have been together for 8 years and friends for 10.
17. I get excited when I buy things on sale and feel like I got a really good deal.
18. I only buy things for myself that are on sale.
19. I don't mind doing laundry and actually hate it when my husband tries to fold it.
20. Out of the 3 humans, 2 cats and 1 dog I live with, somehow I am the only girl.
21. I love it when my husband wears cologne from our college days.
22. I won't let my son watch Oswald or Barney and Friends. I HATE them both.
23. I love playing games with Caiden at
24. I have taught all my boys how to snuggle...including my cats but not my dog.
25. I love going on walks but we don't seem to go on many anymore.
26. I could read a whole Jodi Picoult book in one day if I had the time.
27. I want the Vikings to win the Superbowl.
28. I wish we could give more to the people of Haiti.
29. I could go for a Boulevard Wheat with a splash of OJ right about now.
30. I am blessed.

These are all thoughts that have crossed my mind at some point today. What's on your mind?

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Lots to post about

So I have lots to blog about and I have even started a few posts in the last couple weeks but I am having a problem with my blog. It keeps telling me I have exceeded my image limit and I have no idea what that really means or how to fix it.

So here is a quick recap!

1. Caiden turned 3! He had such a great birthday even though it was pretty low key. We took him to the T Rex Cafe with some friends and family. We will for sure go back. That place is AWESOME! It was a little overwhelming at first for some of the kiddos but they all got into after awhile. The food was good, the service was quick and the atmosphere was amazing. All in all we had a great experience.

2. Caiden is Potty Trained! When I had a week off of work (because of snow days) I knew this was a good chance to try and train him again. We were stuck in the house with no where to go and plenty of time to do laundry, clean floors and sit on the pot as long as we needed. We had tried just about every suggestion given to us and nothing seemed to work. I don't know what changed for him but I am glad it did! He is so proud of himself and has only had a few accidents in the last few weeks. The only time he wears a diaper is when he goes to bed at night and he makes sure to take it off first thing in the morning and put new underwear on. He is so grown up!

3. I am 34 weeks! Baby Boy finally turned and is now laying up and down rather than side to side. I could tell the instant he moved because I could suddenly breathe again! (I can also tell because of where his hiccups are coming from now.) Although I can breathe easier I am now experiencing other discomforts. I already have that feeling in my belly at the end of the day that feels like my skin is tearing or ripping. If you haven't had a baby and experienced this pain yourself that is the only way I know to describe it. Gravity takes it toll on you and by the end of the day all you want to do is lay on your side to take the pressure off. I have been using lotions and my "Tummy Bar" (thank you Lori!) to help with the pain but really the only thing that helps is laying on my side. In this position he also seems to hit a lot more of my insides when he moves so he has taken my breath away more than once.

4. We have a very busy next couple of weeks coming up so I am sure I will have more to blog about. Hopefully I will get my pictures figured out so I can post a few from Caiden's birthday and some recent belly shots.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Caiden's 3rd Birthday

I finally figured out what the heck was going on with my pictures!

Here are a few pictures from Caiden's birthday even though they are 2 weeks late. I still can't believe it has been 3 years already! He is so smart, funny and continues to amaze me everyday. His potty training is in full swing and he has been helping me get the baby stuff ready for his little brother.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Snow, Snow Go Away

Is anyone else sick of the snow yet? I know some people really love the snow and winter weather but I could live in a place with high temperatures and sunshine year round. We are on our second snow day of the year and there is a good chance we will have more...this week! Yikes! We are going to have to make up all these days in May and June now. I, for one, would rather go to school in the blistering cold rather than the sunny days of summer but of course it is not up to me. I'm sure they made the right call to cancel though. The temps are too low for the kiddos to walk to and from school and the side roads are not bus ready. Safety first!

Now to switch subjects!

I had Caiden stay home with me today and he pottied on the big kid potty this morning then had an accident before nap time. I guess that is how it goes. We are sticking with it and hoping for the best. I have tried every kind of advice I have been given (including making him change his own diapers-even poopy ones) and have come to the conclusion that when it is his idea, he will do it. He was so proud of himself this morning! The most disappointing part about his accident this afternoon was that I had asked him maybe 5 minutes before if he needed to potty. I know now I should have just taken him. Sometimes I am too into "Love and Logic" and I am not "Assertive" enough.

Let's switch topics again eh?

Thanks to my friend Rebecca, who did some brainstorming with me today, I have a few errands to run this afternoon. Lets just say my son is going to have the cutest (handmade) props for his newborn pictures in a few months. I can't wait! Rebecca does such a wonderful job and we are so excited for her to photograph our newest addition to the Cummings House!