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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Trip To The ER

So, we made our first trip to the ER as parents tonight. I am NOT surprised that it was for Lincoln however, it wasn't his fault he was there. It was mine.

I was heating up white baking chocolate in the microwave testing out the party favors for the birthday party this weekend. I guess the bowl that I grabbed was not microwavable and it began to burn the chocolate. When I opened the door, it looked like it was on fire so I grabbed it and tried to toss it into the sink. Little did I know the bottom had melted and when I picked it up, it began dripping super hot chocolate everywhere. It got all over the counters and floor and just as I was setting it down into the sink, I heard the slightest cry. It was Lincoln. He must have looked up just as I was lifting the bowl and it dripped onto his face. The poor boy was in such pain he did that cry where he held his breath for as long as he could then he let it all out. I immediately called the nurseline to see what I should put on it. While I was talking to her, Caiden had gone to the hall closet and gotten a baby washcloth. He took it to the bathroom, climbed on the toilet and got it wet with really cold water from the sink. What a good big brother! I couldn't believe his instincts! Here I am, a total mess who can't get the automated operator to understand what I am needing because I am crying so hard and he is calm as can be. How did I get so lucky? She told me to keep a cold rag on it (good job Caiden) and take him to the ER to see what degree burns he had from it.

That sent me over the edge. I lost it. The ER? What degree burns he has? Jay was in a meeting and didn't answer the phone the three times I called him so I called my neighbor. She came over immediately and drove us to the ER. Her son stayed with Caiden at out house. They are so good to us. I know that isn't how they had intended on spending their evening but they were so kind and helpful. While she parked the car, I walked in with Lincoln. The ladies behind the counter could see how hard I was trying to keep it together so the first thing they said to me was, he's going to be okay. Of course, that reduced me to tears again, so bad that I couldn't talk to her. I ended up handing her my ID and we did this sort of telepathic thing where she just knew what questions to ask me and I could nod or shake my head. Whatever it was, it worked and we were in a room within 3 minutes.

The entire time we were there, Lincoln was a dream. In fact, aside from when the chocolate first hit his face, he didn't cry at all. As I type this, he is giggling uncontrollably with his brother in their bedroom. I am worried tomorrow will be a little more difficult on him. I feel like by then he will really be feeling the burn. It covers most of his left cheek. Thank goodness it missed his eye though! I don't even want to let my mind go there......

The doctor said he should be fine. Babies skin heals really well so there is a good chance it won't scar. He just has to keep a bandage on it for the next two days with neosporin. The trickiest part is keeping the bandage on. He doesn't like it and it is so big to he pulls at it.

I'm sure everything will be better in a few days. Until then, I just hope the pain stays at a minimum. My poor kiddo has had a rough couple of weeks.