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Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Little Interview

I got this from the latest Parenting Magazine and thought it sounded fun. They interviewed Brooke Burke- love her.

Describe your parenting style:
Flexible- I know I don't know everything so I just try to do my best and learn from my mistakes.

Last meal you cooked:
Cheesy Chicken in the crock pot- served on top of egg noodles.

Weirdest think in your purse:

Craziest thing you've done while sleep-deprived:
Tried to drive to work with the kids still in the back....I didn't get very far thank goodness

Behavior you hope your kids don't inherit from you:
Ooh- just one?! I cry when I get mad.

Last thing your child did that made you laugh:
Jay was singing that song "Fly Like a G6" in the car and Caiden asked why someone would want to fly like a cheese stick.

Your favorite baby gear:
formula dispensers.

Lost object recently helped a child find:
His shoes

The song that best describes your parenting experiences to date:
Take It Easy- The Eagles.

Kid's TV show you can't stand:
Sponge Bob and Barney. I hate the both equally.

First word that pops into your head when we say "mom":

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Caiden is 4!

This actually happened Saturday but it has taken me this long to get the pictures off my camera.

We didn't do a big party, instead we took him to Chuck E Cheese which probably cost the same as having a huge party with 100 of our closest friends. Wow that place is pricey! Crappy $17.99 pizzas are worth it though when you see how much fun your kid is having.

We plan on having a real party later and combining it with Lincoln's first birthday. I know, I know, I should give each of them their own party and their own special day but right now they are small enough it makes sense to do it this way. Lincoln got to open a present from Grandma Ella on Caiden's birthday and Caiden will get to open presents of Lincoln's birthday. I'd say for now, this is a great compromise.

Racking up tickets with Dad.

Being silly with Mom.

Playing a little air hockey.

Scoring on Dad!

Going for a ride with little brother and Chuck E Cheese.

Crazy driver! So glad this isn't the "license" birthday.

Learning how to play ski ball.

Playing with his new Dinosaur Train toys from Toys R Us. Thanks Grandma Ginny and Grandpa Mike!

Blowing out the candles on his cake and ice cream.

It was such good day! We all had so much fun.

I love you Caiden! I'm so proud of my 4 year old!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Look What I Can Do!

I am in love with

Here are some reasons why:

1. It is much more user friendly than Photoshop Elements.

2. It does super fun stuff!

3. I also love that it compresses it for you and saves it to your computer. This makes uploading it to the blog SO MUCH FASTER!

I found this old picture of Caiden when he was about the same age as Lincoln. I thought it was a fun picture to learn on.
I was right, it was.

Timber Trail

Did you grow up on a street like mine?

My street was amazing.
Every house was like a puzzle piece.
Each family inside had it's own unique shape.
Their own rules.
Their own expectations.
Their own way of living.
Each one different yet we fit together perfectly.

You could always tell who was outside because somewhere on the street you could find their bike-thrown haphazardly to the ground.
A kickball lingering on the side of the road.
Ball gloves piled on the large rocks in front of my house.

It wasn't unusual for our parents to drive home and interrupt a game of kickball.
Or to find us wandering the endless trails looping through the woods across the street.
Some lead to our clubhouse- a clearing in the shape of a circle.
Some lead to the creek.
Some lead to a large field that touched the edge of a busy street.
We would be outside for hours with no worries from our parents about where we were or what we were doing.

We put on plays, we sold lemonade, we camped out under the stars (although I can't remember actually making it through the night).

It wasn't always rays of sunshine of course.
We fought, we argued, we tattled on each other, we cheated at games, we ganged up on each other, we picked favorites, we made each other cry.

Last week I attended the visitation of one of the boys I grew up with on this street. With his passing, it has made me question just how normal my childhood was.
It is hard for me to imagine anyone growing up any different from me. Now that I am older, with kids, I realize how special my neighborhood was.

A piece of our puzzle is now missing but it's place is held firmly in our hearts. We will all hold vivid memories of good times, good people, good families and those never ending games of kickball.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Welcome 2011!

This is how we spent the last day of the zoo. It was chilly but we made sure to bundle up with lots of layers and blankets. It wasn't very busy so we were able to spend lots of time at the Polar Bear exhibit and get lots of fun pictures. His name is Nikita. He is 4 and new to our zoo and so much fun to watch. He plays just like a little boy!

We weren't able to visit the African section of the zoo because it is under construction while they make a lift. From the pictures on the website it looks like it will be similar to a ski lift but will somehow accommodate strollers and bags. I can't wait to ride it when it is finally finished!

We rang in the New Year at our good friend's house. It was a nice mellow evening full of little boys running and playing hard while the grown ups visited.
I'm not one to try to make New Years Resolutions but there are some things I am going to try to do better this year. So, more of a check list than a resolution.
1. Keep working out. I am starting to see results and I genuinely love working out.
2. Take more pictures. I have been slacking lately so I need to get back at it.
3. Spend more time with my boys. My schedule is CRAZY during the week so I feel like I don't get to spend the kind of play time with them that I would like.
4. Build up some cash. We want so badly to move but you can't do that until you have a little money built up.
I think these are all doable so it should be pretty easy. I will have to check in every couple of months and let you know how I am doing with them.