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Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Anyone have any advice on what I am doing wrong with my blog photos? I have been having trouble lately which is why I haven't been posting (I don't like to post without pictures!)

Anyway, there are two ways to create a blog post that I know of- go through Picasa2 or go through blogspot. I am having troubles with both. When I go through blogspot the pictures just won't upload no matter how many I try. When I go through Picasa2 it shows my pictures while I am creating my post then as soon as I publish it they disappear. Anyone have the same problems with theirs? Help!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Loose Park

Here are some shots from Loose Park a couple of weekends ago. Caiden found this great tree for climbing so I had to get some pictures of it. He wasn't so sure about the actual climbing part but he was such a trooper through the whole thing. We brought a blanket and curled up under a tree after doing a lap around the outside of the park. We were going to head down to the pond but we realized we forgot the bread. Oh well, that is just a good reason to head back soon.