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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Baby Number 3?

Today has been one of those days! The kids at school are starting to get stir crazy and the teachers are starting to become impatient. I am guilty of it too.

When I get home it gets even crazier. My kids act like they haven't eaten all day and can't do anything until they've had some dinner. Caiden walks in the house and immediately goes to the refrigerator and gets out I'm not going to feed him. Lincoln will crawl into the kitchen and fuss until I put him in his chair with a snack.

Their meals are usually served in courses since they don't give me time to make it all at once. A typical night might be me heating up the stove to cook wheels (pasta noodles, the only kind Caiden will eat currently). While the water is heating up, I will stick a steamer bag with veggies in the microwave for about 5 minutes. While these things are heating up or cooking I usually give the boys something to snack on, maybe a cheese stick, cottage cheese, fruit or yogurt. All the while they are telling me they are hungry and asking for all the wrong things like candy, granola bars, goldfish crackers. It's lovely.

By the time I get them situated I try to find something fast to fix myself. Jay and I are still watching what we eat so it usually isn't hard to figure out what I am going to eat, it just takes awhile to prepare it. Oh how simple it would be if I could pop a frozen burrito in the microwave and call it good! Dinner was so much easier before I lost my metabolism!

With crazy nights like this happening quite often lately, it has made both Jay and I realize we are done having kids. Even with all the chaos we are a happy family and two kids just feels right. We have had several friends lately have their third child or are currently pregnant with their third baby and I just can't imagine! They are out numbered now! How do they get their kids up, fed and out the door in the morning? How do they fit in one car? What is it like to go places with that many bodies and bags? Now that there are three kids, can they find anyone to watch them while they go out and have a nice night together? How can they afford daycare for three kids? Do they hire people to clean their house and do their laundry?

I'm sure, as people do with one or two kids, you adjust. A system gets put in place and order is restored. You find ways to get to the grocery store, make dinner or fold the laundry. Our system is good here, even on crazy days. Our lives are blessed with the two beautiful children we have. One day, we may change our minds and decide to try for baby number three but for now we are happy and complete as a family of four.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunday, Sunday

Easter was great, this weekend was great but I have plans to upload my pictures to go along with those posts. For now- a bit of randomness.

My computer completely crashed causing me to lose every picture I have of my children, except the ones on here and facebook. I have been super sad about it but there isn't much I can do other than be smarter about where I store my pictures from now on. Lesson learned!

Lincoln has a million words!
Okay, not really. But this kid can communicate!
When we were at the farm yesterday he was even meowing like a cat and barking like a dog. He repeats almost everything. He is getting so big I can't even tell you how many words he really has.
He is not walking on his own yet but he LOVES walking with assistance.
This is a huge step because he didn't even like doing that a few weeks ago.

Caiden is getting down to the last few days of going to his daycare.
He has gone to the same lady since he was 8 weeks old. It will be hard for both of them but Lincoln will still go there so it's not like they are quitting each other cold turkey.
The plan is for Lincoln to go to daycare all summer since we have to pay for him whether he is there or not. Caiden will attend school on Mondays and Fridays as a way to transition him into full time preschool this year. Can you believe it? School already? I have already pulled up my calendar and scheduled several things for us to do together. Library visits, parks, zoos, Kaleidoscope, farms- just to name a few. I even signed us up to volunteer at church to do the summer lunch program.

Recently I was watching Caiden and Lincoln play and I told them to slow down (growing up). Caiden instantly got all pouty about it. I asked him later what was wrong and he told me he didn't want to slow down! My heart broke a little inside but just for a minute. It's nice to know he is striving for more in life.

Our deck is looking awesome! Jay built it last year and this year we plan on staining it and putting landscaping around it. The landscaping is almost done but we are still deciding on what color we want to stain it. Last year Caiden spilled a wax citronella candle on it so we aren't sure what/how to stain with the wax being in the wood. More to come on this later.

Lincoln had his 1 year pictures done last weekend. We used our good friend Rebecca and of course we are in love with how the pictures turned out. It had rained ALL week and it wasn't looking good. The day of the shoot there was rain in the morning but not in the afternoon so we decided to try it anyway. I'm so glad we did! As soon as we pulled into the park the sun came out and it was absolutely beautiful. It was slightly damp but not bad considering the week long rain we had. Here is the link to the slide show.

Jay and I have been on a cleanse for the last 5 days. We are trying to get our beach bods ready for our vacation this summer. It is the 24 day challenge that starts with a 10 day cleanse which is pretty hard. We are super limited to what we can eat and are getting used to a new schedule of when to eat. So far so good! Jay, of course, has been losing double the weight that I am but that seems pretty typical. We are hoping to also establish better eating habits and become more active in the process.

That being said....
I got a new dress! It wasn't on sale. It wasn't previously worn. I didn't have a gift card.
It was NEW!
I couldn't tell you the last time I did that. I only spent $27.99 but still, that is more than I have spent on clothes in awhile. I'm sure I will wear it to every event I have planned this summer- ha!

Have a great week everyone!