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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mr. Mailman

Yesterday when we got home from work there was a Disney Movie Club envelope in our mail. You know the ones I'm talking about. They have stickers in them you can put on your movies that say "The __________Family" and they have all the Disney characters on them. It is a great way to try to get families to join their movie club although it hasn't worked on us yet......

Anyway, Caiden was so excited to find these stickers in the mail he was going to write a letter (with the help of his mama) and tell the mailman thank you. By the time he let me in on his little plan he had already made his picture and of course it included a few stickers from the mail. He let me sit at his desk while he told me what to write. I did some editing because it was really hard to write exactly what he wanted. He knew what he wanted to say it just wasn't coming out quite right. We worked for awhile and this is what we came up with. It really is a sweet letter.

Here is a picture of the letter and below is what he wrote.

I am happy to announce that when we came home today, there was a letter back from the mailman.
It read:

Thank You Caiden-

I appreciate that you enjoy what I bring for you. Not everyone does. Enjoy your stickers.

"Your mailman"

Friday, March 18, 2011

New Dress A Day

Have you ever heard of this blog? People send her old dresses that are completely outdated and she turns them into trendy outfits you can wear again. So fun!

Well one of my friend's is obsessed with this idea so she gave us a challenge over spring break. It had to be something you could actually wear and it had to used in a different way than it was originally meant. You could alter it by cutting, sewing, adding or subtracting. Since my sewing machine is currently buried deep in one of the closets, I knew I had to keep it pretty easy.

I ended up finding a red silky nightgown, a super cool 70's belt and a little blue jacket. I had some rad before pictures to go with the after photos but they didn't get uploaded. My computer restarted in the middle of the upload so I am guessing they were lost somehow.

Either way, here are some shots of my awesome finds! The total for all three pieces was $6.48. I think it turned out pretty cute. I might even wear it out some time!

PS- Don't mind these horrible shots. I was doing this with a crabby 1 year old in tow. I don't like the shadows that make me look 2 sizes larger but it was the only place I could set up the camera to get the shots of myself,still keep an eye on him AND have him in a place where he couldn't pull the camera down....

Shot #1: Without the jacket

Shot #2: close up of the super cool belt

Shot #3: With the jacket

I also found a really cute pair of skinny jeans that I bought at Ditto. I really love that place. If you haven't heard of it, it is an upscale consignment store. They only take name brand items so your not shuffling through the racks trying to find something that isn't pilling. They also have really cool jewelry and sunglasses.

Jacket: Salvation Army Thrift Store $2.99
Shirt: Target $12.99
Jeans: Ditto $10.00
Shoes: Burlington Coat Factory $6.00 (I've had them for 6 years but I had to include the price because they were a steal!)

What a week!

This week is my spring break and I have been CRAZY busy. It's a good busy because it means that very long to-do list has finally gotten some attention. Here are just a few of the things I had on my list for this week:

-car inspection
-get chips in windshield fixed
-workout daily
-Lincoln 1 year check up
-clean WHOLE house
-get Lincoln's 18 month clothes out/washed/put away
-clean inside/outside of my car
-upload/organize pictures from my camera (that have been there since January 1st-oops!)
-redo the boy's room and the playroom
-grocery shopping
-buy a thrift store item and re-purpose it (more on this later)
-get items ready for NFB pickup
-clean out flower beds

Really I could go on but I'm sure I have bored you already. I am proud to say I got almost every thing on my list checked off!

I am ashamed to admit that I did not workout once! Since I quit going to boot camp I have been feeling a little soft so I thought with this week I could get some workouts done at home. We are patiently waiting for a new gym opportunity to happen and then hopefully I can get back on track with my hubby in tow. As much as I LOVED boot camp, $75 a month was too pricey for me so hopefully this new endeavor will work.

On a happy note, I played outside with the boys yesterday from 5:00-7:30! We only came in for potty breaks-that's it. We raced each other, vacuumed my car, drove our fleet down the sidewalk, played ball, painted flower pots and threw "rocks" into the street.

Lincoln has been home with me since Wednesday- the boy is sick again! Can you believe it!? On top of getting a whopping 4 shots, and pushing in a few more teeth (he already has 12) he has some kind of cold that has turned his nose into a faucet.

He is also recovering from a pretty bad allergic reaction to a new kind of laundry detergent we tried. Since Wednesday afternoon I have pulled every item of clothing he owns, blankets, towels, sheets and washed them in a new free and clear detergent. He has a steroid cream that I have to rub over his rough spots that helps with the itching. The poor little guy is falling apart!

Because he has all this going on at the same time, he has stopped sleeping through the night. It has been rough but at least it happened on a week I was already off work! There's nothing worse than knowing your child is sick and not being able to help. In true Lincoln fashion, he has taken it all in stride. He has moments where he only wants to be held and moments where he just wants to cry, but overall, my little guy is showing us just how tough he is!

Such a crazy week but full of good things. I am truly blessed and I am reminded of that every day.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hello Blogland!

Have you ever heard of people trying to blog every day for 30 days in a row? Well, I decided to try not to blog at all for 30 days. After Lincoln's incident with the hot chocolate, I figured out I need to slow down. I was trying to do too much. What a nice break! Don't get me wrong, I had plenty to blog about but instead I held on to my kids tight (when they weren't screaming/fighting/crying/eating) and soaked up every little thing they did.

To get you caught up:

  • The party was a HUGE success. The boys had a blast, the pizza was delicious and every one of my party favors was devoured. In fact, I have had to stop myself from buying more pretzels and chocolate TWICE at the store because I want to make more!

(It looks so much better now!)

  • They got super hero shirts for Valentine's Day

(and Jay got this one)

  • Lincoln turned one. While he LOVED the attention and hammed it up, he did not like his cupcake. I got him the Birthday cupcake from Smallcakes and it came with a ton of sprinkles. I think the texture really freaked him out.