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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hello Blogland!

Have you ever heard of people trying to blog every day for 30 days in a row? Well, I decided to try not to blog at all for 30 days. After Lincoln's incident with the hot chocolate, I figured out I need to slow down. I was trying to do too much. What a nice break! Don't get me wrong, I had plenty to blog about but instead I held on to my kids tight (when they weren't screaming/fighting/crying/eating) and soaked up every little thing they did.

To get you caught up:

  • The party was a HUGE success. The boys had a blast, the pizza was delicious and every one of my party favors was devoured. In fact, I have had to stop myself from buying more pretzels and chocolate TWICE at the store because I want to make more!

(It looks so much better now!)

  • They got super hero shirts for Valentine's Day

(and Jay got this one)

  • Lincoln turned one. While he LOVED the attention and hammed it up, he did not like his cupcake. I got him the Birthday cupcake from Smallcakes and it came with a ton of sprinkles. I think the texture really freaked him out.

2 comments: said...

Good job on the party favors! Too cute! Your boys look cute too :)

The Rowden's said...

I'm totally with you on the "not" blogging. I think I hold the record...120+ days! Whoops.