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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Snow, Snow Go Away

Is anyone else sick of the snow yet? I know some people really love the snow and winter weather but I could live in a place with high temperatures and sunshine year round. We are on our second snow day of the year and there is a good chance we will have more...this week! Yikes! We are going to have to make up all these days in May and June now. I, for one, would rather go to school in the blistering cold rather than the sunny days of summer but of course it is not up to me. I'm sure they made the right call to cancel though. The temps are too low for the kiddos to walk to and from school and the side roads are not bus ready. Safety first!

Now to switch subjects!

I had Caiden stay home with me today and he pottied on the big kid potty this morning then had an accident before nap time. I guess that is how it goes. We are sticking with it and hoping for the best. I have tried every kind of advice I have been given (including making him change his own diapers-even poopy ones) and have come to the conclusion that when it is his idea, he will do it. He was so proud of himself this morning! The most disappointing part about his accident this afternoon was that I had asked him maybe 5 minutes before if he needed to potty. I know now I should have just taken him. Sometimes I am too into "Love and Logic" and I am not "Assertive" enough.

Let's switch topics again eh?

Thanks to my friend Rebecca, who did some brainstorming with me today, I have a few errands to run this afternoon. Lets just say my son is going to have the cutest (handmade) props for his newborn pictures in a few months. I can't wait! Rebecca does such a wonderful job and we are so excited for her to photograph our newest addition to the Cummings House!

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