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Monday, January 12, 2009


As I mentioned before in my last post I am getting ready to become an art teacher. I have already started collecting all kinds of things that I might find handy to have in my classroom. I have an ENTIRE carload of things that I have been stashing from work like discontinued catalogs, rug samples, old tile samples, etc. I have no idea how I will use some of these things but they all looked too useful to just toss in the trash! I have also been saving things at home like yogurt containers (with lids), foam trays (like the kind you get in the deli, no meat though), jars, etc. If anyone has anything they would like to share/save for me please let me know. Since I don't know where I will be teaching yet I have no idea what kind of budget I will be working with but I think it is good to recycle when you can anyway, right?

Thank you all for your emails and well wishes from my last post. I had no idea how many people check this little blog of mine?! Everyone has been so supportive of this little project even if I don't post that often. Maybe that can be a resolution of mine this year. Is it too late to make those? I have lots of posts to catch up with like my son turning 2, my grandpa's scarfs and my art projects from last semester.

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