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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Music Part II

Did anyone notice my last post was titled "Music" however it was never mentioned? Yeah, I am going to blame that on the fact that the TV was blaring "Go Diego Go" and my son was banging his feet on his highchair as fast and as loud as he possibly could while yelling "Mommy, Diego!, Mommy it's Diego!, Go Diego Go!, Baby Jaguar, it's Baby Jaguar Mommy!" Yes, that is his favorite show and we watch it religiously every night while eating dinner. But seriously, more about "Music" because I almost lost track... again.

Along with my recycling I am also trying to create a library of music that I can have in my classroom. I know that when I am working on a project I like to listen to music because it helps me not concentrate on what I am doing but why I am doing it. There is so much more freedom involved when you stop thinking about things. So, I am asking that if anyone has any suggestions on music I could add to my library please email me and let me know. It could be any kind; words, no words, fast, slow as long as it is appropriate to have in school.

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Number Four said...

One of my favorites, right now is by Ryan Shupe and the Rubberband called "Dream Big" I think it would be perfect for a school environment. If you want to hear it, it is on my site.