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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Time for a little survey

I stole this from a blog I check and thought it would be interesting to look back at how much my life has changed.

10 Years Ago:
I was 20 years old and a sophomore in college. I worked at Mr. Goodcents which is where I met my two best friends, Ernie and LJ. Our hang out, along with the rest of the Goodcents crew, was their house on College and Market. During my time there, Jay and I hung out a lot and realized we had a lot in common. This is actually what made me realize I wasn't happy in my relationship with my boyfriend of 6 1/2 years. I ended up breaking up with him which was hard but ultimately the right thing to do. Jay and I dated for about 2 seconds before we realized we weren't quite right together. I ended up dating someone else and he got back together with his girlfriend of 3 years.

5 Years Ago:
Jay and I were planning our wedding! Our actual anniversary date is May 29, 2005 so during this time we were finalizing our plans and enjoying the wedding showers people were throwing us. If you ask anyone, planning our wedding was one of the worst times of my life and very hard on our relationship. We made it through because that is what we do and now we are stronger than ever. In fact, I really don't think there is anything that could come between us.

1 Year Ago:
I was in the middle of my student teaching. I had just finished an awesome experience in the elementary school and now I was sent to a high school. It sucked. Big fat ones. I didn't like the teacher I was paired with and I don't think she liked me. The kids were sassy and difficult and I actually think I tried to sell them on my blog. No takers. I wasn't surprised. I was rewarded at the end of my student teaching with a job in the Raytown School an elementary school. whew! To this day I LOVE my job, even on the most difficult days.

1 Day Ago:
I was sitting on my sofa snuggling with the newest addition to my family. Even though there are many things I could be doing around the house, I can't bring myself to put him down! With Caiden, I was able to take 8 weeks of maternity leave. I needed those 8 weeks. In fact, I had planned on taking only 6 and when they were up, I cried to Jay and told him I wasn't ready and I needed to take 8 weeks. He let me. Thank goodness. This time things are different. I have a different job and we have a child in daycare. Because of the financial situation we are in, I can't afford to take off anymore than 5 weeks. I am lucky enough to have Spring Break in there so that helps a little.

I want to challenge those lady friends of mine that blog to take this survey! It is crazy to think of how much our lives have changed.

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Donna said...

I won't take the survey because I'm not sure of my memory, but life does take different zigs & zags and you have a beautiful family to show from your past 10 years! The pix are awesome of your previous blog ~~