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Monday, March 8, 2010

First trip to the park

So since the weather was so awesome today I decided I would take the boys to the park. I had it all planned out. I would pick up Caiden from the sitters. Drive through Wendy's. Then eat dinner at the park so Caiden could play. I pumped before I left. I fed Lincoln before I left. I brought a big blanket so that he wouldn't get cold. I had everything covered....and it was still a disaster.

Everything was fine until we got to the park. Even though it was 66 degrees I quickly realized I didn't have enough clothes on Lincoln and I worried about him getting sick. It didn't help they he started fussing as soon as we sat down on the bench. He was acting hungry even though I had just fed him. Then, when I gave Caiden his chocolate milk he took one drink and sat it down on the bench only to have it fall off and spill. He didn't have a drop left. Then I told him he could have a drink of mine since his fell. Upon taking a sip he knocked my drink over. Not a drop left in that one either. So there we are with no drinks, a crying baby and completely under dressed for the weather. We decided to pack things up even though it had only been 15 minutes and head home. The plan was to come home and drive his Ford F150 truck.

Even though things didn't go as planned we still had a good night. It helps that I have an extremely understanding three year old. I really didn't think he would want to leave the park but he was okay with it. Normally it would have been a fight getting him off the equipment and into the car. He is growing up before my eyes! He just makes me so proud all the time.

I hope Lincoln is taking notes ;9)

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Lindsey said...

I commend you for the good effort! It always seems like the better my intentions = biggest disaster! It will get much easier...I promise!!