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Sunday, July 19, 2009

What a great day!

We were lucky enough to go to 2 out of 3 games this weekend at the new stadium. We went Friday night with some friends and had a blast. It was perfect weather to be outside and watching a ballgame. Caiden was even lucky enough to get to meet Slugger! I wish I would have brought my camera but I didn't because I had too much in my purse already- bummer! He was in awe the entire time Slugger was holding him. It was too cute.

Sunday we made our way back to the stadium with Jay's parents for an afternoon game. It was a little warmer this time around but still a very nice day. It happened to be a golden glove day for the first 10,000 kids and this one was signed by Frank White. Caiden is SO proud of his glove. I am so happy we got was close!

Here is Caiden with his golden glove.

This is the boys in front of the Frank White statue.

Caiden hanging out on Poppy's lap.

Our group shot. I found a metal box sitting next to where we were standing so I set the timer on my camera and prayed no one would walk in front of it. It worked!
We weren't lucky enough to see Slugger a second time but we did get a picture with "him".

The boys watching from the outfield.

The view from our seats. Look at that screen!

They have added all kinds of interesting events that go on in between innings. Along with a kiss cam (which we already had) we now have a smile cam, a fan of the game cam, kids cam and a flex cam. When I started shooting this image it was a couple of little boys trying really hard to show us their tickets to the gun show.

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