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Monday, August 3, 2009

No Posts Lately

I know I have heard many other bloggers talk about how they will come up with great things to blog about and then get to the keyboard and realize their mind is blank. That is me. I haven't been working this summer but somehow I have kept incredibly busy. So busy in fact that when I get the chance to relax that is exactly what I do...and nothing else. I officially start back to school tomorrow and I am so get the idea.

The month of August is an insanely busy month for me and I feel like I have been preparing for it all summer.

To start things off me and a few of my high school friends had a baby shower for my best friend Sarah last weekend. It was so much fun to plan and we all had a great time visiting and catching up with each other. I made my second diaper cake and it was a success! This one I did a little differently but I think it worked anyway. Sarah and her little boy Colt made out like bandits on the gifts- I couldn't believe how much cool stuff they got!

This coming weekend is Caiden's Baptism. We have a room rented out at Harris Park so we can spend some time visiting with family and friends afterward. All Caiden knows is that he is having a party this weekend and he got to pick out the plates, etc. Of course, he picked yellow EVERYTHING. He is obsessed with yellow!

The following weekend is the last weekend before the kids start back at school so I am going to be camped out in my room finishing up things. I went for the first time today to drop things off and get organized and I almost started crying. The teacher who was there before me left EVERYTHING! Not all good stuff either. The drawers were full of junk and trash and the closets are full of boxes with random things in them. There is no rhyme or or reason for how half of the stuff is put together. It is going to take many hours of reorganizing the room until I feel good about being there. I did get my desk put together though so that is one step in the right direction.

The next weekend is my husband's 30th birthday party. The fun part is that it is a semi- surprise party. He thinks we are just going camping with some close friends but what he doesn't know is that I have some surprises up my sleeve. I wanted to do something special for him but I also wanted him to have something to look forward to.

There are a few other things we have going on too but none worth mentioning right now. I will keep my focus on school for now since it is about to consume most of my time and energy.

I hope everyone has a great rest of the summer!

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Dave said...

Um...does he read this? I guess you didn't specifically mention any of the surprises though.