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Thursday, July 9, 2009


Today I played the most interesting game of baseball ever. To start off, I was always the batter and Caiden was always the pitcher.... and the catcher. Now you would think that would be fun right, to always get to bat? What I didn't mention was that I was also the one that had to field the balls while Caiden got to run the bases. Hmmm, what kind of baseball has he been watching? That's another interesting fact about this day (and most other days actually). We usually gather in his bed; Me, Caiden, Bunny, George and Slugger and watch "Daddy" play "baseball" on the "TV". Really it is just the 5 of us staring at the black dresser in his room. He will yell "Go Daddy!' and "Hit that ball!" while he cheers. We, of course, cheer right along with him. The kids got a crazy imagination!

These aren't the best pictures because I didn't change any of the settings. I just grabbed my camera and set the timer and ran back to the "field". Sorry! And in case you are wondering, yes we are in our pjs playing in the front yard. Hey, it's summer!

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