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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Time at Home

When I first found out I was going to stay home with Caiden this summer I have to admit, I was nervous. We both go a little stir crazy when we are at home too long and without that second income I didn't know what we could do together that wouldn't cost a lot. Turns out, there are so many free or inexpensive things to do together and we haven't even done half of them yet!

We have spent some time in Jefferson City hanging out at my parent's pool with family, gone to various parks around Lee's Summit, a free trip to the zoo, lots of free shows at the library, Independence Center play area on rainy days and a few play dates with friends.

Since I have been the one planning all the events I thought it would be a good idea to let Caiden plan our day last Thursday. From the moment he woke up in the morning I asked him what he wanted to do. We, of course, started with breakfast and then went directly outside to play. He is really in to baseball so we practiced our plays together. After lunch and a long nap we went back outside to play some more before heading to Baskin Robbins for some ice cream. When Daddy got home we spent even more time outside playing before taking a bath and calling it a day.

I have had so much fun spending time and playing with him this summer. I am so excited because now that I am officially a teacher, I can do this EVERY summer. I love you Caiden!

Caiden with his "bat" and ball. Check out those shoes on the wrong feet!

His blue moustache from his raspberry sherbet.

This is what he grabbed when we were leaving for ice cream. His bag is full of action figures and cars.

Practicing that swing!


JenniCummings said...

On a side note- I am having some issues with the layout of the blog. Any advice? I have tried selecting a few different options (left, right, middle, etc.) but nothing seems to work.

Rebecca said...

love the pictures girl! the one of his teeth..fave!

Number Four said...

Sounds like you guys are having a great summer, and it will be over before you know it. There is just something really awesome to have a best buddy to play with and he is your son at the same time. I always say he gives me reason to re-live my childhood!

Anna said...

I had to laugh because I thought my kids were the only ones who took the grocery sacks full of stuff are so funny!