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Wednesday, June 15, 2011


If there is something I'm really good at, it's sharing my feelings. For me, this is a new set of feelings to share. I don't know what to say, so I'll start from the beginning.

April 2002- Warrensburg, MO

I decided the three jobs I was working wasn't enough; two bar tending jobs and a before and after school program teacher. I knew I was busy but for some reason I thought I should get a cat. I went to the Warrensburg Humane Society and immediately veered toward a kennel of kittens. I was told ALL of the kittens in this kennel were from the same litter which surprised me because there was maybe 9 total! I didn't realize that was possible?! I watched them play with each other and quickly realized I couldn't just have one, I needed two. How could one live alone after having all these siblings to run and chase?! I sat back and watched for awhile as these kittens skidded and scampered around the cage. After a few minutes I realized I kept watching the same two kittens. One was a black kitten ( who obviously didn't make the final cut) and the other was little Melvin. While all the other kittens were total spazzes, he was calm, cool and collected. He sat where he was and did what he wanted without a care in the world. I knew that very day he was going to be mine.

May 2002, Warrensburg, MO

The day I get to pick my kittens up from the kennel! I found out there was another person looking at one of the kittens I was wanting. At this point, I was in love with Melvin. I couldn't handle the thought of someone else taking him home and I panicked. Luckily, it was the black kitten instead of Melvin. Oh how life has a way of working things out.

May 2002-June 2011

Melvin was a cat FULL of surprises. He was definitely the more shy of the two. He wasn't as forward as Otis but he knew when he liked someone. He absolutely loved getting brushed and could sit for super long periods of time if he knew you were getting the comb out. Any time he heard the can opener, he thought it meant tuna and would run into the kitchen crying for just a bite. You would think bringing a dog and two children into his world he would change but no- he accepted both parties completely. Not once did he ever bite or scratch either one of my children. He would lay and let them pet him and if they got too rough, he would just get up and leave. How polite! If only I could teach that lesson to the kids at my school.......He was super awesome at head butts and face grazing- his way of letting you know he was feeling what you were feeling. Snuggling.....I can't even type it without the tears running down my face. Perfiect 10. Amazing. Melvin made a habit of sleeping every night on my pillow. That is actually how I came to find out he was missing. I can't go into detail about what happened because it is pretty traumatic- seriously. It was a freak accident that won't ever be completely explained or understood.

I can't tell you how many tears I shed when I found out he was missing, but it is nothing compared to the amount I have shed now that I know he is gone forever. I am so, so sad. Sleeping is super rough and I have no idea what to tell my boys. I can't tell if Caiden is more worried about me or Melvin (MOTY= this girl!)

What I have learned is that when I love- I love deep. My heart aches as though I have lost a child. He may have just been a cat but I loved him like he was my own flesh and blood. I will never forget him and how he has taught me to love unconditionally.

I miss you Melvin and love you with all of my heart.


Kristy said...

Uggh My heart is breaking for you. Wesley and Willy came to live with us in 2004 and I don't know what/how I am going to react if/when something happens. I'm so sad for you all.

Missy said...

I am so sorry, Jenni!! My heart breaks for you! My cats are like my children, too and I can't imagine what you're going through:(
Thinking of you!

Stephanie said...

this just breaks my heart :( So sorry Jenni...

Sarah said...

I found your blog through Debbie's, and I just wanted to post and say how sorry I am. Your story made me cry. Losing a pet is so hard.