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Monday, July 4, 2011

2011 Quarter 2 Recap

Wow- I feel like so much has changed in just a few months! These boys are growing fast! I have several pictures on my camera still that I need to download to my computer. I still haven't re-installed any of my hardware from when my computer crashed. Now that summer school is out, this is on my list of things to do!

Lincoln-1 year 4 months

*STILL NOT WALKING- ugg! It's not that he can't, we've seen him. It's that he won't. Stubborn to the core. I have no idea where he gets it.

*Loves to play peek-a-boo with his blanket. It never gets old.

*Is a total pool baby! This kid isn't scared of anything! He will put his face in the water and everything. His favorite part of swimming is playing in the fountains in my parent's pool.

*Has started initiating hugs and kisses. Before, he would do it if you asked him to but now he will do it when the feeling is right. He hugged my entire family a couple weekends ago when we left (insert happy face)

*He is starting to get super picky about what and when he eats. There are a few things he will eat any time of day though- bananas (LOVES these), peanut butter crackers, cereal bars, yogurt covered raisins and grapes.

Caiden- 4 years and 6 months

*Is officially done with daycare! Thursday was his last day at Kerri's. We took rice crispy treat to celebrate. He isn't sad, he is super pumped about being at preschool full time. (I think it was hard gaining momentum when he was only there Mondays and Fridays).

*Has decided when he grows up he wants to be The Flash.

*Set off firecrackers all on his own for the first time this weekend. Now, before you start to judge, they were only smoke bombs and tanks. Jay and I stood there and helped him but for a kid who is as cautious as Caiden- this was a huge step!

*Started T-ball. This has been slightly disappointing. We have officially been in T-ball for a month but we have only gone once. There have been two weekends of rain and this weekend was a holiday weekend so it was cancelled. Poor kids! We have been practicing in the meantime though so he should be ready for this coming weekend.

*Caiden and I are currently dominating Jay in the Yellow Car Game. So much so, that Jay has finally conceded. Now we just play because it is hard NOT too!

*Loves playing preschool games on the computer. I would really like to get an iPad for him. They are not currently in the budget though. Maybe we could work something out with Mr. Claus though.

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