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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas 2010

Our Christmas in so many words...

The Advent Calendar (I will post about this in a minute)
Caiden loved pulling out the numbers each morning to count down the days until Christmas.

My beautiful plates that I bought on sale at Target 2 years ago and finally used! We ate Christmas Eve dinner on them and set out cookies for Santa on them too.

Christmas Eve services at our church.

Caiden trying to figure out why Santa brought him an empty bag.....

Oh! There is a tent and a pillow pet sleeping bag with it!

Lincoln trying to figure out why we woke him up....look at those lines on his face! He was out!

Caiden's loot from his stocking.

Ah ha! This is what Christmas is about! Lincoln with his Santa loot

Anything Caiden opened, Lincoln wanted. Anything Lincoln opened, Caiden wanted!

Caiden and his Batcave. This was the largest gift under the tree and he KNEW it had his name on it. I jokingly told him it was socks and underwear and he believed me. He saved it for last since he already knew what was in it....boy was he surprised when he found out it was the Batcave he wanted so badly!

Our family on Christmas morning mass at Queen. Happy Birthday baby Jesus!

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