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Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Dentist

I went to the dentist today to get a cavity filled. At first, she thought it was small but once she got in there she realized it was much worse than she originally thought. After three shots of anesthetic and 1-1/2 hours in the chair we had to keep going even though she could not get my mouth numb. She said I had a condition (She couldn't think of the name and I don't know what she is talking about) where when a person is nervous, they somehow reject the pain medication and send it to another area. I have only had 1 filling so far in my life and it was super small so I didn't feel a thing. What I do know is that after 3 shots in my gums she told me I would be numb until 5:00 today. (Everywhere BUT where my cavity was of course!) That is exactly what anyone whose job is to stand in front of people all day long wants to hear! Anyway, since Halloween just past, I had this story in my head and thought I would share. I read this book to Caiden and even took it to school and read it to some of my classes. It is super cute!

The Dentist by Adam Rex
(from the book Frankenstein Makes a Sandwich and Other Stories You're Sure to Like, Because They're All About Monsters, and Some of Them Are Also About Food. You Like Food Don't You? Well, All Right Then.)

Poor son of Dracula. He's just a dud.
His daddy is famous, but his name is mud.
For how much blood
could a bloodsucker suck,
if a bloodsucker can't suck blood?
Everything's fine if he sucks on the throat
of a dog or a hog or a cat or a goat.
But a cold-blooded thing like a lizard or snake
makes his head start to hurt and his fangs really ache.

Frankenjunior was shocked. "You'll have to go see
the worst monster of all! She's much worse than me.
Her fingers are hooks! Hooks, needles and spears!
Her voice is a high buzzing whine in your ears!
Instead of a head there's BIG GLOWING EYE!"
The Frankenboy said with a shuddering sigh.

"She doesn't sound scary," said Dracula's son.
"Not scary like crosses, or stakes or the sun."
So he made his appointment for just after dark
at the New Transylvania Medical Park.

"It's awful," he whispered. "So cheery and bright!
You'd think it would kill them to turn off a light.
They need some nice coffins. It's really a shame,"
young Dracula said as the nurse called his name.

He followed inside, and before he could hide,
the dentist was standing there, right by his side!
A note to the timid or just faint of heart:
This story has come to the frightening part.
Stop reading! Now put the book down! This is scary!
Peligro! Use caution! Beware and be wary!

Still here? Very well. Little Drac stood in terror.
He knew now he'd made the most horrible error.
If he weren't undead he'd have wanted to die.
She was terrible! Awful! She smiled and said hi!

Her voice was a sweet lilting song in his ears.
Her fingers were fingers, not needles or spears.
That big glowing eye, was lamp, not a head.
It was all so much worse than that Frankenboy said!

Young Drac couldn't move, so she forced him to sit.
"Open wide now," she told him. "This won't hurt a bit!"
"You aren't flossing," she scolded, and Dracula blushed.
"And honestly, when was the last time you brushed?
You really must brush after every bite.
See? A cavity's formed in this fang on the right."

"It needs to be mended. And so, if your willing,
I'll patch it right up with a small silver filling."
A filling? With silver? Drac wanted to shout,
the werewolves will hate me! I've got to get out!

He changed to a bat-he flew up and away.
The dentist said, "Fine. We won't do it today.
"But get it fixed soon; you'll be glad that you did.
Now here-take a sucker. You've been a good kid."

He flew from the office, and homeward he raced.
He sucked on the sucker, but gagged at the taste.
He'd hoped it was flavored like blood or like liver,
How scary! It's CHERRY! he thought with a shiver.

Drac knew it was true as he spat and he cursed,
My dad may be bad, but the dentist's THE WORST!

Little Drac- I couldn't agree more.....

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Anonymous said...

Love the story! Hate the cavit-Dad