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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

We Did It!

We did it.
We have been talking about it for awhile now.

We got rid of our cable!

No more DVR.
No more High Def Channels.
No more pause, rewind, fast forward.
No more clock in the living room (I didn't realize how much this would bother me!).

Welcome five very fuzzy channels.

We had been having trouble with our cable company for awhile. Every time we would have the same problem and they would tell us what it was, then they would show up at our house and give us a new box. This, of course, didn't fix the problem and instead made us have to reschedule all of our shows and lose the ones that were recorded.

They didn't really act like they cared if we left them and went to a new company either. They didn't apologize or offer us some kind of discount. In fact, they tried to lie to us about when our contract was up. My husband had called about six months ago and tried to cancel our cable and they told us that is would cost $250 to break our contract which wasn't up until October 25, 2010. When I called a week or two ago the lady tried to tell me it was already renewed all the way through October 2013.

Interesting tactic!
But it didn't work.

Jay returned the boxes first thing yesterday morning.
We are going on Day 2 of no cable.
So far, so good.

Hello again Life!

2 comments: said...

Dave and I have been without cable for two years now. It is amazing that I don't miss it a bit! Not to mention how much money we are saving! I think you made a great decision!

Number Four said...

Man, been trying to talk Jake into cancelling dish network. So far, not getting through. I do love my Grey's though!