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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

2010- Third Quarter Recap

So this recap is a little late. This is a super busy time of year which means I have lots to post about but very little time to do it.

Anyway, here goes!

Caiden- 3 years 10 months

All boy- messy, always making noises and loves to talk about gross things

Calls overpasses "Caves"

Told me "that deer broke my heart" the other day when it ran out in front of my car and I almost hit it. That is what I say when I hear something that makes me sad.

Listens to everything that comes out of our mouths, even when we don't realize it.

Knows almost all of his letters- by site and sound. There are a few that trip him up but we are working on them.

Has the speech of a first grader.

Just switched to a big kid booster seat- know he sounds AND looks like a big boy.

Lincoln- 7 months

Has 7 teeth....yes, 7.

Is scooting all over the place and trying really hard to crawl.

Is going to be a skunk for Halloween.

Has started waking up in the middle of the night to play- seriously! He played for an hour before I went in to break up the party in his crib at 3:30 AM.

Is so long he is wearing 12 month clothes.

Has not been sick yet.....yes, I just called the Devil. I'm sure that is what my next post will be about.

Likes his veggies better than fruit at this point.

Wants to feed himself and swats at the spoon while you feed him. It can be a very messy process some days.

1 comment:

Number Four said...

Ok. You jinxed yourself. The moment you say he hasn't been sick he gets sick...

But if he has made it this long that is completely awesome!

7 teeth! My 15 month old just cut her fifth!

Spiderman(Ben) and butterfly( Jonna)...pretty exciting stuff.

Jonna won't eat her food unless she has a spoon or forck.

I am pretty sure you are a fantabulous teacher and Mom.