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Saturday, November 7, 2009



I couldn't tell you how many times I have thought of a good idea to blog about then never found the time to do it. Same story I have been saying over and over lately, I know.

Work has been super crazy and we got audited this week. It was an internal audit requested by our superintendent. Lots of mad shuffling and rushing to the copier since we weren't even given 24 hours to come up with our stuff. I guess she didn't want anyone to "create" things they weren't already use. Very sneaky!

Halloween was AWESOME! When I get a moment or two I will upload the pictures from my parent's spook house. Everyone hung out and helped with trick or treaters in one way or another. I must say I was very impressed by the detail, time and effort it takes to put that together.

Baby Boy is still kicking away like crazy and I have no signs to date that anything is going on with the hemorrhage. I also have belly shots to share but again, they are on my camera.

We are busy this weekend with Curious George LIVE and making room in our garage so we can finish up Caiden's room and start thinking about the baby room. I am only 24 weeks so we have time but living with rooms in limbo is killing me! I just want them done so I can relax! Is anyone else like that? I don't feel comfortable living here when every room is a disaster area with furniture everywhere.

Well gotta go! The man with the yellow shirt (Jay) is telling me it is time for George!

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