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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Quick Funny Story

Last Friday we met up with some friends for dinner and decided to take Caiden with us. We ate at Hikari Japanese Steak House and Caiden loved it! He had never seen anything like that so it was quite a treat for him. We told him all about the fire and volcano and when the time came he covered his eyes but left his fingers spread far enough apart he could still see. When it was over he made sure to tell us it scared him but he liked it anyway. The entire dinner Caiden sat quietly and watched the chef work his magic on the grill with his spatula and knives.

It must have really had an impact on him because this morning he got out some cooking tools (an egg separator and a measuring cup) and started whipping up something on "the grill". Then he told me to get ready and he pretended to toss me some of his delicious food in the air....just the shrimp they toss to you at the end of your meal at Hikari. It was too funny. He would go back and forth between Jay and me and we would pretend like we dropped it and needed another toss.

He is just like a little sponge soaking up EVERYTHING. This dinner was over a week ago and he hadn't mentioned it to me or Jay at all. We really have to watch what we say and do around him at all times!

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