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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Buttons and Belllies

I figured it was time for an update!

I am now 17 1/2 weeks and at the end of my 4th month. All my doctors visits have gone well and everything looks good.

I have no idea if I am carrying a boy or a girl. With Caiden I just knew it was a boy from the very beginning. At about 7 months I started wondering if I had been wrong and that it was a girl but that only lasted about a week or two and then I was convinced he was a boy again.

I think because everything is so different in MY life it is affecting my pregnancy as well. With Caiden it was a textbook pregnancy. No concerns, no extra doctors visits, no medicine, nothing out of the ordinary. I had an office job where I sat at a desk most of the day and now I am on my feet all day and going non-stop. I also was a little sicker in the first few months this time. I truly believe this was due to the medicine I was on though. There seemed to be a pattern with when and why I would get sick. Some similarities are the things I crave and the food aversions I have. The pregnancy symptoms are the same too (except for the morning sickness).

When I went Monday she told me the heart rate was between 130-140. According to Old Wives Tales this indicates it is a boy. Since Caiden has recently changed his mind from girl to boy I decided to take some online tests to see what they say. I took three. The first said it was 68% a girl. The second one said it was for sure a boy. The third one said it was inconclusive because I am not far enough along yet. HA! Serves me right I guess for trying to cheat. We go in a month to have our sonogram and this time it is up to Jay to decide whether we find out or not. (I got to decide last time to keep it a surprise so he gets to this time)

I have a small baby bump. I am already wearing maternity clothes because they are so much more comfortable. I can still fit into my regular clothes but it is so much easier to give in and start wearing them even if they are really, really big on me. It depends on what I am wearing, some of them you can barely see my bump and some of them I look like I have a HUGE bump.

From the beginning I have been weighing myself to make sure I am not gaining weight too fast. I was a little worried this time that I would over do it since it is my second and I am not working out like I was with Caiden. I worked out 4-5 times a week up until my 8th month with him so I managed to only gain a total of 29 lbs. So far with this one I fluctuate back and forth between 2-3 lbs and I am almost 5 months. According to my book anywhere from 5-10 is acceptable at this time. So far, so good.

This baby is a mover and a shaker! I have been feeling movement since early on, 12-13 weeks to be exact. I think because it is my second I recognized it faster than I did with Caiden. I have found a sure-fire way to get it moving is to eat a piece of pepperoni pizza. That was a fun night....

We will start taking the weekly baby bump pictures starting at 20 weeks like we did with Caiden. I can't wait to see them! I will make sure to fill you all in on everything! Thanks for reading such a long post!


The Rowden's said...

I thought for sure Sadie was a boy...even after the ultra sound confirming the gender! I felt exactly the same with both of them. The Chinese calendar worked with both too! Can't wait to meet your baby #2!!

Number Four said...

This is so exciting! I am going to make a guess of girl! I have a 50/50 chance I figure! Sounds like you are doing great. Keep us posted, and I can't wait to see the belly pics.