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Friday, October 9, 2009

Lets Compare

I have been meaning to do this since this summer but I couldn't find the time. Thankfully tonight I found it! These are pictures taken at Deana Rose last summer and this summer. Look at how much he changed?! He speaks so clear and the conversations we have are amazing.
Now lets compare baby bumps.
The top picture is 21 weeks with Caiden and the bottom one is from this Thursday. I am 20 weeks now and I thought for sure I was bigger this time around. Maybe not! It's hard to tell by the photos but it looks pretty close. I think for next time I am going to try to find the same clothes from the first pregnancy and see if we can tell a difference. We go in next Friday for our sonogram so we will keep you posted on whether we decide to find out or not.

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Number Four said...

You look so great! You are so tiny yet. I think I was huge by 20 weeks with Jonna! I hope you find out!