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Saturday, February 28, 2009

So much work so little time!

I have had a few people email and ask for a new blog post. The truth is, I am CRAZY busy and I have abandoned my blog... for now. Not only I am doing my student teaching during the day but I have night class on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. On nights that I am not in class I am at home with Caiden in the evenings while Jay kicks off some exciting new things for his work. Once C goes to bed I either do homework, planning or search for jobs. There are SO MANY steps you have to take to even get an interview and it is different for every school district. Some have you fill out their own application from their website, some make you go through MOREAP, and others make you go their website AND MOREAP. It seems like another full time job at times....Anyway, no complaints, just lots of work.

I have been feeling so guilty lately about not contributing to the family financially. As I said before I have worked since I was 15 and to NOT get paid is a very funny feeling for me. I don't think I like it much. It would be different if I was a stay at home mom because even though you aren't contributing financially you are doing so many other things for the house and family.

The other night I was so sleepy from he non-stop days I have been having that I went to bed at 8:00. This was on Tuesday. Monday was the longest day of my life. After leaving school (where I am on my feet teaching all day) I decided to go to Hy-Vee and get groceries before picking up Caiden. When I show up at the babysitters she shows me his thumb. It was disgusting. He had gotten some kind of infection on it and it was green, purple and red with a red line leading up to the bend in his arm. I didn't even go home. I drove him straight to urgent care and waited and waited and waited.....with all of the sick kids. When we finally left it was 6:45 and the next stop was the pharmacy. As many of you know, the worst time to visit the pharmacy is on Mondays because they are always backed up. I was told to drop it off and come back in an hour. Great, so just before bedtime I am supposed to pack me son up and head back out the door to wait at in line at the pharmacy. UGH! So we go home and I finally take the food out of my car and fix dinner. Then I give C a bath because the doctor suggested I soak his thumb for 10 minutes in warm water. I don't know about you but I think getting a 2 year old to sit for 10 minutes so he can soak him thumb is impossible and he needed a bath anyway. So I poured the bathwater and bath bubbles in then dumped some of his colored tablets in so he could have a great bath. I stick him in the water then realize I don't have a washcloth so I leave (for 5 seconds) and go to get one. As soon as I leave the room I hear "Uh oh Mommy! I go poopies". Great. Is this the first time this has happened? OH NO! Of course not. Is this the best night for this to happen? Uh sure....So I scoop out the "poopies" and get the bleach. Since I only have one bathtub I have my soaking wet son stand in the middle of the floor in a towel while I bleach the crap out of the tub so I can put him back in and, you know, actually get him clean. **Sigh**After the bath ordeal, I have to get him in his pjs and head back out to the pharmacy to get his medicine. When I roll up and buzz the lady she cheerfully tells me "I'll get that started right now for you!" WWHHAATT? Wasn't I asked to come back in an hour so it would be ready for me? UUUGGGGHHH. Once we got our medicine and got back home it was past time for bed...which means I stayed up late doing homework and job searching stuff.

So this my friends is why I am not blogging so much lately....and going to bed at 8:00.

I'll be back soon!


Heather said...

Just want you to know I've been thinking about you. I thought student teaching was really hard and I didn't have any kids at the time! I don't know how you are doing it!
I totally feel your pain about not getting made me really bitter toward the teacher...I was doing his job and he was getting paid!

Anonymous said...

yeah student teaching is super hard! I feel bad for my student teacher every day! Hang in there Jenni! What a freakin crazy night...that might have made me drink....A LOT! yeah right, WHEN?

Kristy said...

Ugggh, I feel for you :( But I'm glad I am not the only one with pharmacy issues. On two different occasions, when it was necessary for me to wait for the perscription, I was told sure it'll only be 10 minutes. The first time I sat there for an hour before I realized it. The second time, 20 minutes and I was up at the counter tapping my foot and drumming my fingers. They can't get anything right!

I hope C's thumb gets better!

P.S. Lily recently developed a bathtub phobia. How'd you get C over his?

Number Four said...

Oh my, as I continued to read this post, I just kept thinking, oh no! When it rains it pours! And the whole poopie in the bathtub thing, Ben had done that twice and both times were probably the worse timings ever!! And don't get me started on Prescription fill waiting!! Hope it all slows down for you!

Lori O said...

OMG, Jenni! What a day! Sounds like you will be more than ready for a night out next Friday. Shinedown here we come!