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Saturday, March 7, 2009


I know I said that I didn't have time to do this...and I really don't but I just HAD to!

As you all know I have been doing the first half of my Student Teaching at an elementary school in Lee's Summit. Well my last day was Friday. I am so so sad to leave all of the wonderful staff and students that go there. I truly loved every single day.....even the really bad ones. I don't think there was ever a day that I left without learning something. Whether it was about my teaching style, the students or myself I was constantly soaking up everything I could like a sponge and relfecting on my experiences.

In the mornings the teachers stand outside their rooms while the students file in from the buses. It is kind of cute actually, like a little student parade to start each day off. On Friday I was flooded by kids who wanted to come say goodbye and give me a hug. I got handmade cards, lots of advice and some brownies....that I never did see. This was overwhelming to me. It made me feel like I have achieved something so big in such a little amount of time.

Also, we have two students (6th graders) that come in the mornings and afternoons to help in the art room and they are AMAZING. You couldn't find two better kids, really. On my last day they gave me a cd and it finally broke me. I was doing so good all day and then I just lost it and broke down and cried. I am not familiar with the artist, Christ Filer but the title of his album is truly appropriate "When It Don't Come Easy". Some other song titles from this cd are "Joy Ride", "So Much Love, So Little Time", "Say Goodbye" and "Independence Day" which all have a special meaning for me now and my little time at this school.

My teacher gave me something too that I had to wait until I got home to open. I just couldn't do it in front of her, I knew I would burst into tears. It was so so sweet. She made me my own apron for my classroom and stuffed the pockets full of things I might need. Everything from chocolate to airborne to stress relief bath foam. She also included a watercolor painting she made herself and a card. I wanted to take a picture of everything and post it but I am low on disk space for now and can't do anything with the images in my camera!

This was truly such an amazing experience and I will never forget everyone and everything they have done for me. I was pretty sure they were going to have to call security to remove me from the building because I wasn't going to leave. Then they came up with the idea of meeting for happy hour and I left happily.

I don't know how my experiences in High School will be but it will be hard to measure up to the ones I had in Elementary. I start on Monday and will teach 9th graders until the beginning of May. It is going to be tough finding a job in this kind of field but I have faith that I will find something. Even if I have to start in a less than desirable school district.

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I'm glad to hear it went so well! Congratulations!!