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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Antioch Park

This weekend Caiden and I met a few of the other mommies and kids from the Mom's Forum at Antioch Park. This park is so beautiful and it is packed full of activities for kids and places for families to gather. We loved it so much we stayed for over 2 hours! After the other mommies and babies left Jay met us for a stroll around the lake and we got to see most of the park. It is so big we will have to make another trip out there soon to see the rest of it!

Thank you so much to Lori, Skyler, Heather and Braden for playing with us- we had a blast~
On a side note, it was interesting taking Caiden and Braden to the park where there was an Aiden and a Jayden. Who knows next time we might add a Hayden or a Payton?!


Lori O said...

LOVE the pics!!! Especially the one of the boys at the "bank"

Heather said...

Those pictures are GREAT! You put my photography skills to shame (maybe that's 'cause I have exactly zero skills)!
We had a great time and look forward to doing it again!