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Monday, September 15, 2008

Ahh...the glory of potty training

has only just begun.

While this is something we have started and stopped and started and stopped I am hoping we are starting again. C seems to go in and out of interest when it comes to potty training. We bought a potty a couple of months ago when he started telling us when his diaper was wet or dirty. We were taking him in the bathroom after he would eat and drink but we had no success and he actually acted a little freaked out by this. Since he isn't even 2 yet we decided not to push it. We want this to be something he is ready for and not forced into doing. We do offer him M&Ms as an incentive to use the potty even though I am in training to be a teacher and everything I have read about extrinsic rewards turns me off. Anyway, this weekend we had some success with the potty and made sure to let him know that we were really really proud of his accomplishment.

Jay told me it was weird that I took a picture of his pee pee but I needed proof!

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