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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Lincoln is 2!!

He actually has been two for a few weeks but we like to drag out the birthdays around here. His real birthday was on a Tuesday this year. In the morning, I let him pick out some mini cupcakes to take to Kerri's with him. He was so proud of them when we walked in the door. I'm not sure how long they had to wait to eat them but I'm pretty sure he talked her into giving them out early. Ha! Since I tutor late on Tuesdays, I didn't get home until about 6:45 so we had a regular dinner and sang Happy Birthday a mere 20 times.

Probably the funniest part of the day was in the morning when he woke up. I had wrapped his presents and left them out in the living room so he could get excited about opening them. Well, I guess he did because before either one of us knew what was going on, we heard him screaming ELMO from the living room. We got him Elmo dominoes that he can match the characters with or stand them up and knock them down. He is too little to play the real game but he likes them anyway. He also got a Hokey Pokey Elmo who dances and sings. It is really cute to watch him dance and sing along. He also got a couple shirts....nothing big! I wish I had a picture of him opening them...little stinker.

Last weekend while the Jay and his Dad did some furniture hauling, Donna and I took the boys to Chuck E Cheese to play. No pizza, just tokens. Smartest thing I ever did. Really when you get to places like that, the kids don't want to eat anyway, they just want to play. Instead of spending about $50 for pizza, drinks and tokens, we spent $10 and got 40 tokens. At this age, those 40 tokens lasted a whole hour. Woot! We later went to get ice cream and hang with family. Overall, I think he had a great Birthday Week!

 Here are some recent pictures I had on my phone. I seem to use it as my camera these days. This is all the cousins dressed up as super heroes. We definitely slept easy that night.

These boots are actually Caiden's but EVERY morning he finds them, puts them on and comes stomping into the bedroom. It so cute.
 This is from our trip to Wonderscope. The kids LOVED that place, especially the veterinarian room. We could have stayed in there all day if the place wasn't closing for the day.
 This has been our bedtime ritual this week. I must say, I adore it. I love this super hero phase.

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Maria said...

Super heros never get old!!! Seriously! Love it! Happy Birthday to Lincoln!