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Monday, January 30, 2012

What's New?

The Cummings house has been super busy these last few weeks. Where do I begin? 

Lets start with Caiden turning 5! The weekend of his actual birthday we had family in town for one of Jay's cousin's weddings. We got up that morning and opened presents then took him to his favorite place to eat breakfast- Neighborhood Cafe. We came back and let him play his Star Wars Lego game on the XBox then headed over to Mema and Poppies to open more presents and visit with family. Overall, I think he had a really great day.

The next weekend we had his birthday party at a place called the Flip Zone and It.Was.Awesome! We had about 15 kids at his Star Wars themed party and man was it exciting. The first 45 minutes the kids run around and have open gym time, play hide and seek, use the parachute and they even get to do the inflatable obstacle course- yes! Next they invited Caiden to sit up on the mats and open his presents. Each kid got a turn sitting up there with him when he opened their gift. Next we moved into the eating area and sang happy birthday then ate some yummy cake. In lieu of plastic toys that usually break on the way home, I made his party favors again this year. It was a Star Wars themed Candy Bar with everything you can think of. We had Wookie Cookies which (sugar cookies made with Star Wars shaped cookie stamps), Peppermint Padme's (thin mint cookies), Jar Jar Mints (spearmint disks), Ewok food (gummy worms), Captain Rex Mix (chex mix), Light Sabers (white chocolate covered pretzels with red, green or blue sprinkles). Last but not least we had Darth Vaderade (gatorade) and Yoda Soda (sprite) for the kids to drink. It really was a blast. Caiden had so much fun and I think even got a little overwhelmed at all the attention he got that day. After the party we took him out to eat. He told me his favorite place to eat was Neighborhood cafe but he had never eaten dinner there before. Man was he super happy when he realized they serve cinnamon rolls at dinner time too! Yum!

The last two weekends he has had friends come over and play at the house. I realized this was the best way for me to get stuff done on the weekends. If Caiden has someone over to play with, Jay and Lincoln can hang out and I get to catch up on laundry and dishes! I was really surprised by how well Lincoln did both times when Caiden had friends over. He didn't bother them and wasn't even trying to play with them. He was happy just hanging out and watching basketball with Daddy. 

Jay has been picking the boys up 3 nights a week now so I can work late. I picked up two different tutoring jobs so I work 3- 10 hour days a week. It is good money but it makes for an exhausting week. One company said we should be done sometime in February and the other company is going to have us work all the way until the MAP testing window so the end of March. There is a light at the end of my tunnel and I have named it May 18th- ha! (Although it might be May 21st now since we aren't in school today due to an outbreak of the flu in Raytown. One school had 150 kids and half the staff gone on Friday- yikes!)

Lincoln is still so stinking cute. He has such a personality and is so happy most of the time it really just makes you want to be happy too. He has more and more words every day. He is running, jumping and climbing everywhere! One of his favorite things to do is imitate people. He loves making the same sounds as his brother and doing things that make him feel grown up. He helps me do things around the house and loves to snuggle. What more could a mama ask for?!

I feel like the next few weeks are going to get crazy- that is usually what happens when February gets here. I hope I can find time to blog about more of our time together! It is amazing how time flies....where does it go?!

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