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Thursday, December 1, 2011

No Time...

No time to upload pictures or post these days. It's just not my priority right now. Boo, what a grump I sound like!

Remember back when Lincoln still wasn't walking and we were working with him every night so he would start?

Did you notice about the time he started walking was about the time my blogging slowed down? He is a WILD little boy. Thank goodness he is cute!


Originally I started this blog as a creative outlet. Then, it became more about my experiences as a mom and my children. Lately, it has all fallen by the wayside and become my long lost love.

I truly enjoy blogging.
I could spend hours on Google Reader reading other people's blogs.
The truth is, I've had to make some choices lately about how I spend my time and blogging just didn't make it to the top.

It's nice having a way to record memories and experiences with my boys but it is also nice just spending quality time with them too. Those are the things they are going to take with them when they get older. I want them feel how much I love them, not read about it in a blog post.

I'm not saying this is the end of my blog, I just felt like I needed to give an explanation of why I have about half the amount of posts this year compared to last year. I dumped a bunch of pictures on my computer tonight while I made homemade mac and cheese for our school holiday party tomorrow. Can you believe we are already this far into the season!?

Some things that I HOPE to blog about:

~The activity advent calendar I made for the boys this year. It has a different activity to do with them every day.

~Craft Weekend- it was WAY back in October but better late than never.

~Playing in the leaves.

~Playing at the park.

I will be posting soon with a 3rd and 4th quarter recap. It looks like I missed the last one so I am going to do them both at the same time. Better late than never I guess!

Until then....

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