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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Hello Fall!

So what's new? Well, not much and yet we have been so busy! How is that possible? I have a ton of pictures on my camera that I haven't uploaded yet. That is definitely on my list of things to do. I'm sure I will get it done today because we are going to the pumpkin patch today!

I wanted to head out there around 8:00 this morning to tailgate. Caiden was on board and I think I could have convinced Jay it was a good idea. I mean, he did grow up in Kansas City which is the tailgating capitol of the world. I just can't help it, I totally geek out over fall, pumpkin anything and Halloween. Just picture it, sitting on a bail of hay, camera in one hand, pumpkin spiced latte in the other. The kids running around and getting into, well anything. Inside our picnic basket is chocolate chip pumpkin bread and honey crisp apples and NOTHING ELSE. Yum!

I guess I grew up in a very fall friendly house because pretty much my whole family is this way. To me, it is the start of things to look forward to. Summer sometimes drags on because it can get long and hot. Fall is that season that jump starts exciting weekend after exciting weekend. Seriously, does anyone have a free weekend in October with NOTHING planned? I didn't think so.

It is our opportunity to enjoy the weather before it gets too cold to be outside. Aside from actually raking the leaves, I love everything about them. Their change in color, the crunchy sound they make when you walk over them, watching the kids play in them and of course all the photo opportunities. It just puts a smile on my face.

Once Halloween has passed, we start looking forward to Thanksgiving and then of course, Christmas. In my family, we have sort of a 5th season which is the birthday season. After Christmas we have 10 out of 13 people in my immediate family's birthday. Really, it is about a 10 week span starting with the end of December and going all the way to the first week of March. The busiest part of the season starts February 18th with 6 birthdays in 18 days. My poor parents!

Anyway, back to fall.
Get out.
Enjoy the weather.
Make memories.
Play hard with your kids.
Eat something pumpkin.
End each day with a smile because there are so many reasons too!

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