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Saturday, September 18, 2010

I still love my job even though,



Last year it was pink eye, this year, ring worm. All the icky gross things I should have gotten as a child but luckily didn't, I am now getting as an adult. Let's not forget that my beautiful son gave me lice two years ago too. All the bullets that I thought I dodged ended up finding me anyway.

I most likely got it from a kid at school but it is possible I got it from Boot Camp. (Yes, I am still going. 25 weeks in and I am finally starting to feel some changes!). It is itchy, bumpy and oh, did I mention- SUPER contagious?! I have been applying a cream to it for the last day or so and covering it with a bandage. Who knows how long it will take to go away. Jay said he got it a lot as a wrestler and it took about a week to go away. Hopefully this will take just a few more days to start disappearing.

Wish me luck!

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Kristy said...

I got it this summer, either from the indoor pool or a pedicure! Took about 2 weeks to clear up and I also covered with a bandaid the whole time...word of advice, after it "disappears" keeping using an ointment for 2 more weeks, otherwise it might come back! Try not to scratch it!!