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Friday, July 9, 2010

A Craft Project- Bird Houses

During the summer I try to have something fun for us to do every day. Sometimes it is something small like have ice cream and sometimes it is a big thing like painting Bird Houses!

Well today was the day!
Can you tell he was excited? I think this may be my new favorite picture of Caiden. He didn't even want to finish breakfast he was so enthused about painting his bird house. Here he is with his unfinished House and the paint he picked out. Yellow- big surprise huh?

He also picked out orange and green for me (because he knows they are my favorite colors) and blue because that is his other favorite color.

Almost Finished........


Mommy's Bird House
Caiden's Bird House

And this is how I painted my bird house. With a little "birdie" attached to me. It was quite tricky actually because that is my right arm he is holding on to. Whenever he would get really excited and start kicking or waving his arms, my arm went crazy too. There are a few spots on my bird house that I had to redo but no big deal. He just didn't want to be left out!

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ShannaHiggins said...

Great job with the bird houses guys! I LOVE them. Eli and I actually bought a couple ourselves to paint. This gets me super motivated to do it. :)

Caiden looks so grown up these days! And Lincoln is turning out to be another mini-Jay, isn't he? I do see a lot of your face in him too Jenni, especially around the mouth. What a bunch of cutie pies you all are. ;)