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Wednesday, April 22, 2009


So at first it felt a little weird wanting to blog about my church because, I don't know it's just weird but, I LOVE THIS PLACE!

Last week was the most interesting church service I have ever been to in my life. It started with a short clip from Desperate Housewives. Yes, that is what I said, the trashy tv show that my husband and I can't miss and DVR every Sunday night. Don't worry, it was completely appropriate to watch.

If any of you watch the show like we do you saw the episode where Lynette (mother of 5) decided it was time her family went to church. (Her husband did growing up but she had never been.). Her friend Bre lets her go to the Presbyterian Church where she is a member and during the sermon Lynette realizes she's not happy with what the Pastor is saying. After he is finished Lynette raises her hand and wants to ask the middle of the service. This astounds the congregation and the Pastor as well because this is not how most church services work. People are there for the answers, not the questions right?

Anyway, at our service this last week that's what the entire sermon was about- answering our questions. On the big screen there was a phone number and everyone was invited to text our questions to the pastor and he would answer them as they came in. People had also emailed him questions ahead of time too. Wow did they come up with some intersting subjects!

Questions like:
Do you think God forgives those who take their own lives?
Do you think it is weird that Cain married his own sister?
(could have the wrong person here but one of them DID marry their sister)
Do you think the end is near?
Were their dinosaurs on the arc?
If everyone came from Adam and Eve why are there different races/ skin colors?

I could go on and on......

I love how he really relates his sermons to what is going on in our lives. It isn't straight out of the bible yet it is relevant and he gets the point across easily and somewhat entertaining as well. I have never daydreamed during one of his sermons and the truth is, I don't think I had ever listened to an entire sermon EVER before I started coming here.

We are in the process right now of setting up a date so we can get Caiden baptised. Hopefully this summer, June maybe. He goes to Sunday School while we are in the contemporary service and he comes home talking about Jesus. It is too cute. He even inserts Jesus' name into songs when he is singing. That is pretty hysterical actually. Every song sounds better when it's got a shout out to Jesus right?

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ShannaHiggins said...

I LOVE this post! How hilarious and sooo adorable that Caiden does that.