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Friday, August 1, 2008

Jay's Trophy

My family has a traveling trophy that we all play for two times a year. The first time is for the NCAA Tournament and the second is for the NFL season. It is a great honor to win this trophy because with it comes some major bragging rights. (Please scroll down to picture #4 now.) Anyway, Jay won the 2008 NCAA Tournament and we, ahem, HE received the trophy in the mail yesterday. We are waiting to see who wins the NFL Tournament this year to get both his name and the new name on at the same time. It's just as well too because I am going to kick some but this year in the NFL and conquer BOTH tournaments like my husband.

I also wanted to add for the sake of my mother that if this trophy had been made a couple of years ago it would read Carla Ahrens all the way down. Way to go Mom!

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