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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Dinosaurs Unearthed

So every parent wants to do nice things for their kids. We seek out all kinds of things that we can treat our kids to; candy, vacations, toys, you name it. Well, I heard on the radio about the new exhibit at Union Station that was opening this weekend and thought Caiden would love it. He has been really into Dinosaurs lately so I thought this would be perfect. We're talking Dinosaur Train every day, Dinosaur books, toys, movies, how could he not love this?!

Ho-ly Crap! I have never in my life seen him so scared out of his mind. From the second we got out of the elevator there were little boys screaming and crying and trying desperately to exit the building with their parents clinging tightly to their tiny, little bodies. The parents, of course, didn't want to leave because they paid $18.00 a person to be there!

It seemed like with every corner we turned there was a little boy begging to leave and that is just what Caiden started doing. You could hear the sound of dinosaurs roaring from within the exhibit and I think his imagination got to him before we could explain things. The entire time he was clinging to me telling me he just wanted to go home. I felt so bad but at the same time, we paid $50 for the three of us to be there! How could we leave?!

I am proud to say that he made it through the whole exhibit (even if I did speed walk through some of it) and he didn't cry once. He was very strong and even though I could tell he really really wanted to, he didn't. What a tough kiddo! Ironically, there were no little girls crying, just boys. Weird huh?

The funny part is that the whole way home he talked about the dinosaur poop we saw so we did a poop hunt out the window as we were driving. Good news, we didn't find any ;0)

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