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Thursday, December 17, 2009

30 Weeks!

It has been awhile since I compared my old pictures with my new pictures. What a huge difference in the two bellies!? Both pictures were taken at 30 weeks. The top one was with Caiden and the bottom one was today. I could tell I was carrying this one higher than Caiden but in the pictures you can really tell the difference. I am more uncomfortable when sitting this time and have a hard time breathing. With Caiden, not only did I carry him low but I he was more of the watermelon shape versus the basketball shape this one seems to be in.
I have no real news to report but no news is good news right!? Tomorrow is a half day at school and then we get a two week break before heading back January 4th. I just thought I might throw that in for those of you who will be working those days. Ha ha! I love my job!